Parental Control Software Doesn’t Make You a Bad Parent

What is the need of parental control software? How effective is parental control? Does kid safety applications makes a bad parent?

If you have all these questions in your mind, here is everything you need to know about the wide array of child monitoring solutions.

What Is Parental Control Software?

Child tracking application is designed for keeping a watch on kid’s online activities. Parents can monitor and control the digital affairs of children that include: viewable content, time spent on various applications, visited locations, and much more.

Kids safety software benefits both children and parents. Teens can safely browse the internet, and parents can allow secure access to multiple apps.

Restricting and scrutinizing adolescent’s digital activities is the responsibility of a concerned parent. You (parents) are not a bad parent if you use internet parental controls.

Let us delve more into the child tracking app.

Two Approaches To Internet Parental Control:

What can be the best approach for parents who want to safeguard their kids from perils of the internet?

  1. Avoid being a paranoid parent:

Kids safety applications act as a guard to your child. This software provides reports, monitors teen’s tasks, and impose restrictions as per the requirement. Thus, according to your child’s age, it is advisable to put reasonable limits on their digital use.

No need to spy on your child’s tasks, rather, make them understand the pros and cons of the online world and then mutually set the ground rules.

Avoid being a paranoid parent and install the kids tracking app.

  1. Make internet – A child’s safe zone:

Cyberspace is flooded with information. So there are potential chances for your child to encounter inappropriate online material like drug site, gambling and pornographic videos, dating apps, and much more.

Teens may also indulge in digital risks like cyberbullying, sexting, pedophiles, etc.

However, with the help of best parental control software, you can easily secure kid’s web browsing. Multiple tools of this software allows children to access the digital world safely.

Valid Reasons To Consider Child Monitoring Software For Your Kids

1.Internet addiction disorder:

Are you aware of Nomophobia? It is an irrational fear of being without a mobile phone.

If your children are obsessed with mobiles, they are suffering from an internet addiction disorder. It is a serious problem for your kid unless you help them cope up with it.

Teens spends prolonged hours exploring different digital portals without considering the amount of time. They are preoccupied with apps and websites, neglecting their homework, socializing with real friends, and playing sports. Thus, screen time control is feasible with child tracker software. It enables you to apply curfew hours on kid’s device and helps in scheduling time for accessing apps.

2.Inappropriate content:

Unrestricted access to online platforms triggers age-inappropriate material. Children can encounter a plethora of offensive and harmful applications like cruel and vice videos and photos, betting apps, adult content, etc.

Thus, it is important that children should use appropriate and authentic content. Well, the expert also says that, ‘you are a bad parent if you provide unfiltered smartphone to your kids.’

Hence, use phone monitoring apps to safeguard child’s digital use. App blockers are helpful to block the malicious and distracting apps like social media.

Blocking unwanted or time-consuming applications is inevitable to let children focus on real-life relationships and essential activities like studies.

A few renowned kid tracker app like Bit Guardian Parental Control offers App Install Blocker to refrain teens from downloading new apps. If adolescents has a bad habit of using latest and unnecessary applications, this tool is a must to control their undesirable craving.

3.Track child’s whereabouts:

Are your kids safe when step out of the house? Is your teen driving on the road?

GPS is the right tool to track kids whereabouts. If you are not aware of your child’s visiting place, GPS tracking software will follow them. You can also define the Geofence boundary to check the entry and exit location of the child.

When teens obtain a driver’s license, you can watch their driving pattern, behavior, and speed. Incase, teens, increase their vehicle speed, an app will send the notification on parents phone.

Speed tracking software provides peace of mind to parents and allow teens to roam freely.

4.Help children to manage digital time:

Screen time control application is useful in controlling kids excessive media time. Adolescents are prone to various health issues like migraine, irritating and red eyes, obesity, and many more with excessive use of smart devices.

Time schedule app enables parents in defining the curfew hours on multiple applications. It also allows setting the bedtime, which shuts the running app on kids device.

5.A shield to online threats:

Cyberbully, child molester, predators, and many more crooks prevail in the digital world. They keep a constant watch on kid’s online movements and try to contact them (mostly they connect on social media portals).

Thus, teens should be vigilant while posting locations, photos,videos, feelings /emotions on social media sites.

Kids tracking application blocks objectionable callers and apps, and it also limits screen time which secures children from online threats.

6.Provides peace of mind:

When child monitoring software keeps tabs on kid’s online tasks, parents can rest their worries. When one-stop software solution is available to balance child’s internet life, It gives peace of mind to parents.

Internet Rehab And Parental Control Software:

Internet addiction is increasing, as it is penetrating in every domain of people’s life. Thus, to combat this issue, internet rehab centers are opened.

Parental control software is very effective in controlling the digital obsession by putting checks and controls. Before your child gets addicted, start using this software and secure their digital lives.

Kid safety apps provide complete digital security to children and help parents to rest their worries.

Download one of the most popular phone monitoring apps with multi-functionality- Bit Guardian Parental Control. Install the app and experience the varied features to save your kids from digital risks.

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