Pearl Necklace Buying Guide – Learn About the Length of Necklace

Different sizes and lengths of pearl necklaces have been attributed to specific attire and age groups. In this article, we will provide you information about the popular size and length of pearl strands with traditional guidelines for the ways to wear pearls.

The Pearl Choker

Pearl chokers are a versatile and classic piece that is commonly available in the length of fourteen to sixteen inches. It is best suited for casual wear to formal evening wear. It has the ability to complement any neckline. Wearing this awesome jewellery piece adds style and subtle elegance to your attire.

The Princess Necklace

If you are unsure of which length will be ideal for your necklace, then go for a princess necklace. The length of this necklace is around 17 inches to 19 inches. This is the commonest length for such pearl necklaces. It is also the most appropriate for high necklines. It complements low and plunging necklines. Eighteen inches is regarded as the standard length for any pearl necklace.

The Opera Necklace

This necklace comes in the length of 26 inches to 35 inches long. It provides several attractive options like you can wear it in the form of a single strand in the form of high necklaces or in stylish two-strand choker.

This necklace when worn in a knotted form at the neckline creates a trendy vintage style that is gaining a lot of popularity in the form of a modern fashion trend. Opera length necklaces look best when worn with evening wear. Accessorize yourself to get a fresh, and a cutting-edge style statement.

The Pearl Rope

The length of a pearl rope is nearly around 36 inches in length. Such luxurious length looks both elegant as well as sexy. It can be broken down into varying bracelet and necklace combinations doubled or tripled to result in a stunning multi stranded pearl choker. This helps in accentuating the look of your backless dress.


Size is an important factor to be considered when buying pearl necklaces. Not just it should suit the occasion but also complements the overall personal taste of the wearer. Hope the above information will help you make the right selection of necklace length.

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