Scott Beale Aviation Speaks on the Types of Career Possibilities in The Aviation Industry

Scott Beale Aviation points out that with the benefit of free travel and friendly workplace atmosphere, the aviation industry is one of the most lucrative sources of employment in today’s world. However, it is a common misconception that the only positions available in the aviation industry are that of a pilot or a flight attendant. On the contrary, airlines offer several positions to aspiring candidates who wish to work in the aviation industry. Here are a few career options for those who wish to work in the aviation industry.

  1. Air traffic controller:

An air traffic controller is responsible for the smooth and orderly flow of air traffic throughout the world. They are generally stationed at the traffic control towers, from where they regulate the flights, ensuring that they remain in their designated airspace and move at the correct speed at the altitude assigned to them.

  1. Airline flight instructor:

An airline flight instructor provides regular training to pilots of a certain airline. The flight instructors are generally senior pilots who have retired from active service as a pilot.

  1. Pilot:

One of the most popular jobs in the aviation industry is that of a pilot. A pilot flies an airplane and is in control of the flight while it is on air. Pilots can be domestic as well as international, and can fly flights containing passengers, cargo or both.

  1. Aircraft electrical technician:

People with a degree in the field of technical education might become an aircraft electrical technician. The aircraft electrical technicians thoroughly check the functionality of the airplanes, troubleshooting for problems, ensuring a safe and sound flight for the crew.

  1. Airport operations manager:

An airport operations manager is responsible for the equipment, maintenance and staff in an airport. The job of an airport operations manager is to ensure a hassle-free service throughout the airport, so that the arrival and departure of flights can take place on time in an orderly manner.

  1. Flight attendant:

One of the most lucrative jobs in the aviation industry, a flight attendant ensures an enjoyable flight for all passengers on a flight. A flight attendant also helps the passengers to cope with emergency situations during a flight, including medical emergencies and other flight-related troubles.

  1. Aviation meteorologist:

An aviation meteorologist keeps a track of the weather in an airport, helping the airlines to schedule their flights accordingly. The aviation meteorologist is usually stationed at an airport, and warns the airlines about probable weather issues that might disrupt the flight schedule.

  1. Flight dispatcher:

Scott Beale Aviation considers that a flight dispatcher is one of the most important on ground personnel in the aviation industry. The job of a flight dispatcher is to set the course of a flight, keeping in mind the flight capacity, weather conditions etc. If the course of a flight is to alter during the flight due to unforeseen circumstances, the flight dispatcher charts the route for the pilot during the flight.

With a wide range of career options available at the disposal of the prospective employees, the aviation industry is one of the most sought after careers in the world.

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