Top Karaoke Machines Review

Most of us have dreams of becoming rockstars, but in the competitive music industry,  only a few are chosen. Fortunately for us, we all can become rockstars even just for one night, or maybe every weekend. Another good thing is, we can live the dream on the comforts of our home with the help of a Karaoke machine. 

Why every household should have a Karaoke

Weekly visits to a Karaoke bar is kind of expensive, plus if the place is jampacked, you turn to sing might take longer than usual. Thankfully, you can buy your own machine, invite your friends, and have a karaoke night at your house.

Karaoke machines now have added features; YouTube karaoke can be played from any Wifi capable device, Bluetooth connectivity, portability, etc. Karaoke machines can also be used as a music player, public announcement system, and all-around multimedia player.

That makes the Karaoke machine a gadget that is best for every home. You can hone your singing skills, and live your rockstar dreams through our list of top karaoke machines available now.

Our picks for the best karaoke machine


  • Singing Machine’s SML385BTW Model


The 385BTW is produced by the brand Singing Machine’s, and the model is one of their best sellers. Other than having a complete package as a karaoke machine, the company has thrown in some additional features such as :

  • Plug and play, any TV connectivity
  • Any song format compatibility
  • Input connectivity option 
  • Two mic jacks
  • Easy controls
  • Durable
  • Volume balance and controls
  • Amazing disco lights

It is powered through a cable with a plug that is compatible with all standard outlets. The item seems durable thus can entertain you and your loved ones for many years. 


  • ION Audio’s Block Party Live


The Block Party Live is both a karaoke machine and a portable public announcement system.. The 50 watts powered machine is on the heavy side. However, the karaoke machine is not compatible with TV connectivity; gadgets that have display screens are the ones that can work.    

What it lacks on that department, was compensated by the following features:

  • Rechargeable and battery-powered 
  • Powerful portable speaker. 
  • Superb sound level and quality
  • Wireless connectivity

Because of its portability, you can bring the karaoke machine anywhere; at street parties, camping, beach, school activities, etc. In addition, The  Block Party Live’s power can last up to 75 hours of music after a full charge. 


  • Electrohome Karaoke Machine


Electrohome’s karaoke machine model boasts its hip, minimalistic, and stylish design. Its jet black base color was complemented by a blue stripe circumferencing the middle. This karaoke is also compatible with all digital audio formats.

Other than the initially mentioned, Electrohome’s karaoke machine also has the following features:

  • Multi connectivity options
  • Excellent sound quality, loudness level is just enough
  • Comes with 1 set of microphone, and 2 built-in jacks. 
  • Lightweight

In addition, Electrohome’s Karaoke Machine has unique features such as voice enhancement, autotune, and echo. Basically, the auto voice control can fill in for you just in case you stopped singing. 


  • Memorex Singstand 4


The Memorex Sing Stand 4 got is inspiration from the classic design of a karaoke Machine. Sing Stand 4 though weighs light and is portable and compact. 

The line is through the universal audio-in jack and is compatible with any device with a headphone jack. 


  • ION Audio Tailgater


Another quality audio product from ION, the Tailgater is both a karaoke machine and a public announcement system. Similar to Block Party Live, the audio can only be played

on the speaker, while the lyrics of the song are displayed to the screen of the source. 

The Tailgater can run 50 hours on a single full charge, and it basically has similar specs with the Block Party Live.  Just like with other brands as well, it has standard Bluetooth, and audio in connectivity options. 


  • Akai KS5500


One of Akai KS5500’s top features is compatibility with old and new digital audio formats. So if you have those old karaoke CDs, you can still play it with Akai’s  CD+G featured player. One of the latest connectivity features such as USB port is also made available in this karaoke machine model. 

Android tablet and Ipad owners will surely be happy to know that Akai KS5500 made a cradle where you can securely place your gadget. The karaoke device from Akai also have the following great features :

  • The package contains two microphones with side holders.
  • The unit features a 7” screen plus video output option for TV
  • Voice Enhancement features
  • Easy to set up
  • Compact but packed with great sound output


  • Karaoke USA GF845


This model has both an SD card and USB slots; you can download the tracks you like in the storage media and play them away at this machine. In addition, also has audio input via jack and auxiliary in options. This feature is best when you have an external audio player that you want to connect with this entertainment system

Should you want to review your previous singing performance, you’ll be glad to know that it has built-in recording capability. You can play your recorded track immediately so that you can decide if you want another take or not.

Karaoke USA GF845 also has a built-in colored screen which is big enough for most users. It can play music videos and movies while you take a rest from singing.  

Final tips and guides for Karaoke Machines

With many brands and models to choose from, buying a karaoke machine is not an easy thing to do. Along with our recommendations above, here some other factors to consider: 

  • Ask yourself first if what is the purpose of your machine. If you plan to bring it with you, go for the portable ones, and if not, go for a traditional karaoke machine if you plan to use it in your entertainment room at home.  The latter may require additional work when setting up, but still relatively easy to transfer with the confines of home. 
  • Be aware of the audio formats and music sources that you plan to use. If you want to go traditional with CD+G, choose the standard karaoke machine. Regardless of what you choose, both are fine depending on your intended use.

Now you can live out your rockstar dreams, anytime, anywhere. With the wide range of karaoke machines to choose from, it will just finally boil down in 3 major factors: sound quality, affordability, and flexibility. Check out Karaoke Bananza for more tips.

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