Which is a better choice GB Whatsapp or Whatsapp Plus?

Before exploring the difference between Whatsapp plus and GB Whatsapp, let us cast our mind back to Whatsapp a convenient IM platform. People communicate with each other by an instant messaging mode. Even in comparison to phone calls and emails there are a lot convenient. One of the most popular instant messaging apps is Whatsapp. Ever since its inception in 2009, it has changed the landscape of instant messaging. As a communication app Whatsapp allows you to send text messages, sending audio, video files and even make calls.

When you are using this app, there is no need for a text plan or even a few extra minutes of added calling time? Just download the cross platform app for free. To sign up in this app is not going to need even an additional charge as you just need an active internet connection.

What are the unique features of Whatsapp?

  • The app allows the user to important contacts from their address book of their phone, meaning that the users do not have to add contacts individually.
  • With the app communication with your buddies is an easy task. You can send across text and even audio and video files to a large number of people at the same time.
  • The group feature of this app allows you to send messages to 5 people at a single time. For business and even for a group of friends this is an easy feature to communicate.

What is GB whatsapp?

GB Whatsapp 2018 is conventional different from Whatsapp. This ceases to be an advanced version and you can find. Apk file on the web. From the Apple play store and even the Android play store it has been removed. Because it is advance it is loaded with a host of features. This is also available if you are looking to download APK from the linked articles.

In most cases it is not recommended to use and download this version of Whatsapp as Gbmods developed it. For most people MODs are in and for people who are looking to customize their interface they would opt for GB whatsapp. But on the flip side there exists a privacy issue with MODs just as in the case of GB Whatsapp.

Features of GBWhatsapp

  • With this app you can download themes. Even themes can be created and you get them approved by the developers.
  • Even videos up to 50GB can be sent. One of the notable features of this app is that high quality images even with the original resolution can be shared.
  • The quality of the media can be enhanced when you are looking to download the desired file on to your status.
  • For extra layer of security you can lock the chat thread and if you do not want voice features disable them.

If you have to pinpoint a loophole with this app,then it does not provide automatic updates. This is a feature that would have been a great option.

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