Why is Mahindra Jeeto a good investment for your business

Mahindra Jeeto, the new launch in the market has turned out to be a blessing for all the business dealers. With all the specs that have been infused in it, the Mahindra Jeeto is an all-rounder for most of the people.

Mahindra Jeeto has turned out to be a lifesaver when it comes to covering up long distance. It is a very safe drive vessel. It has very easy to go through capacity in traffic. It has all the good qualities among which one is, it having 35kpl average on city roads and can hold in a weight of 600 kg. It is designed on the inside with two bucket seats, proper seat belts and head restraints. It has a safe approach that is shown in the disc brakes in the front and drum rear brakes for a smooth drive. It is lightweight and is easily affordable. Its price varies from Rs.23,0,000 to Rs.35,0,000. It can easily compete with the Tata Ace Mint. The launch also has some amazing colours to choose from. Once it is invested in one’s business then complete and even more payback to the investment is guaranteed. It’s tagline “Sahi Chuno, Kamao Zyada” itself suggests its utility.

Mahindra Trucks has come up the Jeeto in order to fulfil the requirements of customers and that only intention decides its faith. It has comfortable seats for two adults and the designing pretty much grooms the interior. With the help of dashboard integrated lever, the gear shift has made to be easier for a better drive. It has in it a one cylinder water cooling in it, 625 cc engine producing 38 NM of torque. It has come with two power outputs which are 11 HP and 16 HP. The customer has the option to choose between either of the engines according to the requirements. A customer can also choose between deck lengths, 2 varied payloads and it arrives with a 4-speed manual gearbox.

It has three models that are S, L and X series. The S comes with a deck length of 5.5 feet and payload of 600 kg. The L series comes with a deck length of 6 feet and it comes with two engines and two payload capacity. The X series has 700 kg payload and comes with the deck length of 6.5 feet. Therefore keeping in mind the difference one can choose accordingly

It is a one-time investment and the rest of the payback can go one forever. People who invested in this for business purposes have never regretted.

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